The Middle Path

Shaolin Kung Fu Academy

A martial arts school for kids, teens, and adults

Located in Northeast Portland, Oregon

Our school in Portland, Oregon is led by Si Gong Matthew Ruhl and Si Mo Shannon Ruhl under the wings and guidance of Si Tai Gong Robert Firestine. Our branch of Shaolin Kung Fu began in San Francisco with our Grandmaster, and was then grown by Si Tai Gong Robert who brought the school to Tucson. Now Si Gong Matthew leads our Portland branch established in 2019.

Our school focuses on the journey and development of the self through the practice of Shaolin Kung Fu. With respect to the practice, our school does not take part in tournaments or approach the art as a sport. We are looking for humble, kind, and compassionate students who seek to develop themselves through the practice of Kung Fu.

Recent Updates:

Cranes amidst the snow!

Winter Kung Fu Session 2024 Brings Exciting New Promotions And Surprises!

The end of last session was exciting to say the least. Thanks to everyone who was able to make it for our very memorable Kung Fu promotion day. Congratulations to all of our students who worked so hard...
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A table with autumnal harvest vegetables. Thank you Kung Fu community!

Fall Kung Fu Announcements​ - Thank you!

There will be no classes next week (11/22/23 - 11/25/23) to allow for families to have more time together. Thank you to everyone who has come to classes this last year and shared your experiences and perspectives...
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Our kung fu community doing a silly pose in the park!

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