Announcing This Year’s Summer Promotion Demo 2024! New Updates Ahead!

Lookout! 2024's Summer Demo is Here!

          We’re looking forward to seeing everyone at our LGBTQIA+ workshop on Saturday! Don’t forget to register and tell your friends, and we’ll see you all very soon. 

          Moving on to our big summer announcement! Those of you who have been with our school for more than a year will remember that our summer’s promotion day is a little more special than the others. During this time, we all get together in the beautiful Portland outdoors for a day of fun and celebration. Well, guess what? This year we’re planning something even bigger.

          With our growing community, we needed a new park! And now that we have more advanced students, we’re also going to be hosting some performances. Look forward to showcasing what you’ve all learned with your peers and families, and seeing how far other students have come. Even Si Gong is planning a form!

          The promotion demo will include all classes at the same time. We will open the class much like we always do, then head into performances, our annual obstacle course, games, and promotions! 

          This year, we’re also including a potluck picnic for after the event for us all to enjoy together. Please bring something to share if you can! 

Mark your calendars for August 24th
at 10 AM – roughly 12:30 PM

  • Families are welcome! Come watch your student showcase their skills.
  • Please make sure shoes have some kind of straps to prevent them falling off during the obstacle course. (no flip flops please!)
  • We request that students wear their belts to both make promotions and certain games go more smoothly. 

Please make sure to bring:

What students should wear:

If you don't have a school t-shirt and you want one,
see Si Mo for the order form!

Questions about getting started?

Contact us with any questions or interest!