Keep Kids Moving This Summer In Our Hot New Kung Fu Session – Join Now

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We're off to a great start with our summer kung fu session!

         The days are getting longer, and the light is staying later at our Kung Fu studio in NE Portland. Our adult classes no longer start in the dark! As we all get ready for a summer full of camping, hiking, and sunbathing, don’t forget to get your Kung Fu in too!


          Last session we were elated to see a full class promotion in our Peaceful Warriors class. Great job everyone! Spring time was truly a time for growth for us and our students, and we can’t wait to keep that train rolling. We welcome any new students who would like to give classes a try! Whether you’re an adult, teen, or kid, we have space in our classes for you.   
          Don’t forget about our free LGBTQIA+ workshop this month on June 22nd, and keep an eye out for some exciting news about our annual summer demo coming soon! 

Questions about getting started?

Contact us with any questions or interest!