Students spar during our 2022 Kung Fu park Promotion.

Summer Promotion in the Park!

          Every year we host our Kung Fu summer promotion day in the park, and this year is no different! Our students of all classes are invited to this exciting community event. Read on to learn more. 


          Starting from a tradition we had from our school in Tucson, the yearly promotion in the park is a chance to showcase what we’ve learned and support the members of our community we might not always get a chance to see. We sometimes have demonstrations and performances from students or special guests, it just depends on what’s going on that year! 


          This year we have once again expanded our special obstacle course. Parents and families are encouraged to bring folding chairs or picnic blankets to enjoy the festivities, as we play games, practice, and of course, tackle our yearly obstacle course. Who knows, we might even have a chance to participate in your kids’ games! 


          We hope to see our whole community on August 19, 2023 at 1 pm for what we expect to be roughly a 2 hour event. 

What to bring